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Health and Wellness Coordinator was asked...21 July 2015

how do you work with kids?

2 Answers

I have plenty of experience to draw anecdotal knowledge from and I genuinely like kids and sympathize the struggle of the teenage years and think that they are at a very formative point in their lives. Less

I like to get to know them first by asking their name, asking about what they are doing, playing with them when they ask, asking them stuff about themselves Less


What qualities do you bring?

2 Answers

Considerate, flexible, versatile

I froze up and could not think of any.

Onlife Health

Why did I want to be a heath and wellness coach?

1 Answers

Because I have a passion for health and fitness and I want to help others find their passion Less

Jenny Craig

Can you multi task extremely well and stay calm and confident even during crazy busy times. Do you scare easy.

1 Answers

I did Home Day care for 8 toddlers under 4 years old and also dealt with 6 sets of parents all while remaining calm, cool, positive and confident...even when it's all crazy and happening at once. I did it for 16 years. Less


What methods would you use to encourage engagement among participants while facilitating a presentation?

1 Answers

Get them involved. Ask for their stories and build from that!

Florida Blue

Name a time where you dealth with....

1 Answers

Describe scenarios with direct patient customer service.

Brookdale Senior Living

There were at least 2 behavioral questions during each interview. Fro example "tell me about a time when you had a disagreement about a plan of care for a resident; who was the person, what was the disagreement, how did you handle it, and what was the outcome? "

1 Answers

I was unprepared and stumbled through this question. Be prepared with scenarios and these types of experiences ahead of time. It's hard to think specifically on the spot like that. I was better prepared for the following interviews. Less

University of Michigan

Goals, background, job related instances

1 Answers

Looking forward to advance in the company after providing results


What weaknesses do you have?

1 Answers

I said the wrong stupid answer and said I spread myself to thin at times.

General Motors (GM)

Basically how I would do the job:-)

1 Answers

I asked more questions, what were my budget constraints, what were the biggest unmet needs of their employees- what level workforce would I be working with, what were their goals for this position, and what were their high reach desires for the position. Then I made some suggestions- based on reading I had done and experiences I had had. Less

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