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Aster DM Healthcare
Health Care Assistant was asked...16 March 2019

what shifts do you like to work

2 Answers

I dont mind

Flexible (any)

Planned Parenthood

Are you ok with working for a company that provides abortion services?

2 Answers

I believe that everyone has the right to decide what they would like to do with their own body. I understand that it is a hard decision for someone to come into the center, and I would try my best to put someone's mind at ease during that difficult moment. Less


American Hospital Dubai

How can you be an asset in our company

2 Answers

I have acquired and mastered various nursing skills during my previous employment. I am a hard-working individual, flexible, team and goal oriented and compassionate to my patients. Less

You can trust my confidence level to achieve companies target.


What are the p’s representing

1 Answers

I was not prepared, so I failed the interview

Prestige Nursing

What do your friends say about you?

1 Answers

Loyal, a good listener, supportive, a valued friend.

Four Seasons Health Care

What experience I have. What types of care I have worked in. Why I’d like to work at Four seasons.

1 Answers

Four seasons has very good reviews online, I’ve heard of them a lot with a successful chain of homes. I wanted to learn and grow within one home and progress within myself and gain more / new qualifications. I have worked in home care for around 2 years, and prior to that I have worked on a dementia residential unit. I have done palliative and domicillary care. I also have done agency where I’ve covered a large variety of needs and care settings. (I know four seasons take on carers with 0 experience and train them extremely well also!) Less

Barchester Healthcare

Do you work well with other people?

1 Answers

I had to talk about my previous jobs where I would need to work as a team. Communication is key in health care assistant job. You need to let know the nurses and your colleagues of any incident. You also work in teams or pairs and you must communicate well with your colleagues so that you are aware of which tasks have been done and which haven't. Less

NHS Healthcare Support Workers

Tell me about yourself.

1 Answers

they don't want to know your personal hobbies. They can to know your past educational and work experience. Less

Planned Parenthood

Describe your work/life balance.

1 Answers

Boundaries are important, and when knowing when to be done for the day.

Four Seasons

What is a Safeguarding?

1 Answers

Protect from harm, but my answer wasnt 100percent clear due to lack of experience filling the forms of safeguarding but i have done it before once. Less

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