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How do you think you would handle difficult situations and describe a scenario where you’ve dealt with one.

5 Answers

I spoke about my time working at a hospital and difficult situations and how I dealt with it professionally.

In difficult situation wait for patients and creat a plan how to desire problem and it solution according to their order

In difficult situation always I nead my team support or other wise in my porting life get its solution Un fortunately my life is get different types of critical problem ,so I can't fear any critical situatin

Why do I want to work here?

3 Answers

how long ago I was in work

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Why is it important to be punctual and reliable?

2 Answers

Why I was changing jobs

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What will you do if you found pills under the bed you are making inside the ward?

1 Answer

What does palliative care mean to you?

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What is the Mental Capacity Act and how does it affect you as a HCA?

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Why would I make a good member of the team at nurse plus

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what do you understand about safeguarding

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