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Higher executive officer Interview Questions


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As a team leader, a member of your team on a project appears not to be contributing as much as the rest of the team. How would you go about addressing this issue?

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First, approach the colleague to offer support and see if there is any particular element of the project they are struggling with. Offer personal and team-wide support to ensure the quality of the project. If insufficient, include the line manager and project owner to see if additional resource or support can be given.

Competencys that are part of the civil service competency framework

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Give two examples of statistical analysis techniques that you have used

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What is the first thing I (the interviewer) think about each morning? (Quality apparently!!!)

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What do you understand about our values?

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How would you deal with a colleague whose performance was hindering project completion?

Describe a time when you have had to led a team or project to deliver a result and get the job done.

"Tell me about a time" you initiated strategic change? STAR examples and hypothetical questions related to behaviours and technical skills in the job description.

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