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"I know we are not allowed to ask you this and you dont have to answer but I am going to ask you anyway" 1) is there anything you want to tell us? 2) how old are you? 3) what is your marital status? 4) do you have any children?

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They concentrated solely on my personal circumstances and then said they were not able to do their annual trip away because too many people went on maternity leave!!!

Wow that’s absolutely shocking that you would be asked such questions. Clearly their HR “professional” knows little of the Equality Act.

What do you know about us?

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About the company,written paper and general HR questions

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Basically they spoke the whole time about needs -

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What could I offer the company

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Tell us about the time you help de-escalate a customer...

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What is your current understanding of the role offered?

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Q: What was one thing that they asked you?

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Tell me a time when you did not take what you want because there were not good relationships in the team.

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How would you protect employee's sensitive data?

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