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Human Resources Advisor Interview Questions


Human resources advisor interview questions shared by candidates

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Situation questions - how would you deal with a difficult situation i.e. working remotely how do you build relationships with managers

Asked about my experience, what I can bring to the role and competency based questions relating to the role.

tell me about yourself?

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They gave me a scenario and asked me to reply how I would act on that occasion. The scenario was: What would you do if an employee come to tell you that he is being bullied?"

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The questions were for the HR Business Partner role, which is a more senior role and therefore the questions should have been different. It was evident the interviewers weren't interested and they even made me walk around the internal site to find another building to the one I'd been sent to instead of coming to meet me at the reception as planned. I would advise anyone against a three stage, two month recruitment process for a HR Advisor role and hope Ocado don't treat everyone in the same way as they did me.

The interview concentrated on my skills and how I was able to put the skills into practice by providing specific examples

Give an example of a situation where you had to show discretion ?

What I knew about Mencap as an organisation? Why I wished to work for Mencap.?

Standard interview questions. Why you, why us and competency based questions