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How would you "shovel" people out given you have 3 months to do that as a HR BP?

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I informed the Consultant that I would go through a fair and transparent process and ensure it was in accordance with ACAS Code of Practice and the GG Redundancy Policy & Procedures. Obviously, as HR we are here to support to staff in retaining their roles or look for alternative employment should any employee be facing the risk of losing his/her post. Dismissal always has to be seen fair and consistent if you are going through a Redundancy situation. If they had offered me the position I would not have accepted their offer of employment due to the interview process and the impression the company has left me with and the unprofessional use of language used by the Consultant who was not clearly prepped or briefed on the role that was being interviewed for and step into interview on the hoof.

examples of previous work and impacts

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Mostly competency based, i.e. tell me about a tine when you had to deliver under tight deadlines and conflicting priorities.

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Talk me through your CV

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Tell me about a time you have had to influence someone to change their mind?

Sample Question - How do you deal with lots of emails?

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What systems would you put in place to support relationships across all PkC areas

your Talent Q profile says you aren't resiliant - discuss

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Tell me a about time when you have delivered a difficult message and how have you influenced stakeholders?