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How do you think your past jobs will differ to the one here at Hoshizaki in relation to the culture and the communication difficulties.

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Having worked for Wessanen and H&C which have sites all ove rthe world, over coming language barriers has become part of the job. Where culture is very different, time has to be taken to try and understand the differences so that no offence is given.

How will you cope with a male dominated management team?

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Asked to describe how I would manage expectations across multiple stakeholders in matrix environment.

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What would I change?

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What are your weakest areas?

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All very chatty, personality based focus once technical questions dealt with.

Describe your working style in 3 words only. Referencing different work experiences to back up each word.

How do you think we should manage you to ensure that you reach your full potential?

How would you implement GDPR into the business? This was the presentation question.

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