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Business Analyst Interview Questions in Hyderabad, India


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How many smaller cubes are completely invisible in a n*n*n rubic's cube?

7 Answers

n^3- 6n^2 The number of cubes are n^3(volume). The number of cubes exposing one or more sides( 6 *( n^2) - all cubes on the sides.) Number of invisible cubes are n^3- 6n^2 .

Isn't the answer none since the question says "completely invisible"? every unit is visible by at least one side so any sub cube (made of these units) has a portion exposed.


Whats your expectation from TCS?

5 Answers

My experience in risk management.

1 Answer

what is the demand planning and forecasting process.

1 Answer

what is the probablity that a player could win a game with high card in a poker game?

1 Answer

Tell me about your college days

1 Answer

They asked about one of my project in machine learning. Challenges faced. Nothing much technical but tricky questions.

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Case study based question.

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Which SDLC is used in Robotics?

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Are you interested in working for a Business and Marketing Research company?

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