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Industrial Placement Interview Questions


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I cant remember there being anything unexpected. It was more the case that you almost have to butt-in to make sure you sell yourself properly. The interviewers spoke a lot about the role and the company, not asking too may questions so it was necessary to jump in where possible

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As above just make sure you prepare things about yourself you want them to know and be sure to tell them, even if its not directly asked (within reason)

You have a given set of prices in an Array, find at which price you should buy and at which price you should sell so that you maximize the gain

3 Answers

The code inspection, I didn't get past there as I spent too long realising what they wanted me to do.

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Describe your role as a Software Engineer at Accenture?

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when have you solved a problem?

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technical questions about Java and C++

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They did not ask any difficult questions. They asked general questions of the basis of any programming language. From this they took down whats your understanding and thus your views on programming and methods that you would use for structure and testing code.

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How did you get to know about our company (I guess he asked that as the company's branch is a small one located in a small village) Interviewer then worked me through some exercises based on Mechanics of Structures and Thermodynamic principles applied to designing and manufacturing an engine. We spent a lot of the time on Pressure-Volume and Temperature-Entropy diagrams for engines. Other question was to d with reducing the mass of an engine.

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Design a generic Linked List in Java. Follow up: given access only to the head of the list, return the middle element.

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Determine if a string containing all sorts of brackets is balanced (the sequence of brackets is closed correctly).

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