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What do you know about Renishaw?

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Is there any other questions you can remember of? I have this same interview in 2 days time

The interview is quite relaxed so don't worry too much. They made me talk through a bit about me and go through my CV. Questions were mostly based on you and what you say about your CV. Some other questions that struck to me were though 1. What is your greatest achievement? 2. How do you organise your projects? 3. How do you prioritise your work? 4. Explain scenario where you had to deal with a difficult client. That's all I can remember. Goodluck!

Thank you very much, I will definitely take the advice on board

You have a given set of prices in an Array, find at which price you should buy and at which price you should sell so that you maximize the gain

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If you could choose an animal what would you be ?

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Typical interview questions: - Tell me about yourself - What makes you a good fit for the role and company? - Give example of when overcame a problem - Give example of when you worked in a team

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Why do you want to work for us?

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What's the difference between a linked list and an array?

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Evaluate this CPM

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Questions range from 'What is your experience of Aldi?', 'Provide an example of a time when you were working under pressure to achieve a target or goal'.

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How would you persuade a mechanical engineer that they should invest in a Management accountant instead of investing in ballast?

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A case study on a coffee maker, explaining how it worked.

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