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which subject did you like the most during studying in the university?

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Asked me to design a simple state machine first as a state transitin diagram and than in VHDL

You are given an object that is typically a structural connection or something else within the structural engineering world. You are then asked what you think it is used for and why you think this.

Soft Skills: Give an example of when you changed someone’s opinion Give an example of when you solved a problem Give an example of when you lead a team Give an example of a time when you were busy How is my degree going? Give an example of when I was disappointed with a result/outcome Technical questions: How are the monetary policy and financial stability departments linked? Should they work together or are they separate? How does rising inflation impact on financial stability? What are the costs of inflation? What is the Bank of England’s inflation target? Why will MPC be concerned if there is a rise in house prices? Why do some areas have high house prices? What determines them?

How did you get this job[they went through all my past positions on my CV]

If didn't understand something related to your work here, how would you go about finding out about it?

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