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Why did you take time off for mental health reasons, why did you go to hospital, how did you get PTSD....surely you can see why this is a concern.

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I detailed the action I'm undertaking to manage the effects of my condition. I evidenced over 6 months of unbroken attendance and over 13 years of good attendance and reliability in the work place I explained that if I felt my condition would negatively impact my ability to deliver at work, that I would not seek employment. I detailed the steps I'd take and the preventative actions if I did start to find my condition hard to manage. I also highlighted the benefits to hiring a person who has been through this, someone who can help develop action plans to support colleagues, as a result employees would feel valued, supported, resulting in increased attendance/productivity

What would your ambitions be if successful at One Call?

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Applied for Sales Role. Got to interview customer service role a lot lower pay different job role.

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Why Marketstudy? Why Insurance How can you help us? What's would you want to do in your career?

To explain a situation when I have been challenged and how I overcome the situation.

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