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Look at this photo. What are your thoughts?

1 Answer

Essentially ‘Say what you see’ but from an insurance and risk perspective

Could you tell me about what reinsurance is?

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What's your biggest weakness? Give an example of you getting something wrong. Give an example of you having to ask for help. What challenges do you see from moving over from what you do now to what you'll be doing here at Willis?

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How do you feel about working shifts?

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A question focused on past experiences in situations involving teamwork and what I has learnt from these experiences

If you fit within their needs, they will hire you, just don't say anything stupid.

This pointless threshold only rewards the verbose, and those people unable to concisely summarise the key points.

Name, university, person you'd like to represent, interesting fact. Two group exercises. 1-on-1 interview Presentation

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