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At the bus stop 3/4 of commuters leave the bus and 7 new come in. This process repeats 3 times. What is the minimal number of people initially in the bus.

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0.25(0.25 (0.25 x + 7) + 7) = x/64 + 7/16 + 7/4 is an integer, thus the minimum x is 52. Any quicker solution?

Yup, there is a quicker solution. First note that if x is the answer, then the number of people on the bus is always a linear function of x => we are looking for the smallest possible number of people in the end. If the number of people in the end is y, then the number in the beginning is 4(4(4(y-7)-7)-7)=64y-588. Hence y is at least 10, and in that case the minimum x is 52. It remains to check that 52 works, and it does. This isn't a radical change from your solution, but multiplication is usually easier than division, especially considering that this is probably a first-round problem, where no pen/paper are allowed. Another method: First step subtracts 7 from y, so y>6. Second step requires 4y>35, or equivalently y>8. Finally, y=9 doesn't work and y=10 does, so x=52.

How would you store the configuration of a chess board at any point in the game?

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Imagine you are the director of a hospital which the press has described as a 'health hazard'. Suppose that this is true - the cleaning company you use is currently involved in a number of scandals, however you are legally bound to it for 7 years. How would you deal with the situation?

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Would Java Bytecode generated by Java 7 work on a JVM made to function on Java 1.0?

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Classic one from them: You have an array and you want to find the first non-repeating element.

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How many times does the Earth rotate around its own axis while it makes one revolution around the sun?

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What excites you most about investment banking?

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Why LGIM and not JP Morgan or any other Bank?

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Mainly based on the competencies - Managing a Quality service and Communication.

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What could I bring to the team

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