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Internal communications executive Interview Questions


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Can you explain a time when you encountered a moral conflict at work?

3 Answers

When a customer start shouting at you

Any time...

No problum wet..any time master....

Standard tell me a little about yourself, then went into about 9 or 10 competency style questions that seem to be standard in recruitment for large companies. I found some of the wording of the questions unnecessarily complex, the interviewer was using a script of HR questions so not her fault, but questions could have definitely been simplified. An example of one question, tell me about a time you used your problem solving skills.

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What do you believe is the most important aspect of working at Network Rail? A:Many people at Network Rail work in an extremely dangerous environment, and customer safety is paramount - so people safety is everything!

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Give an example of a time when you had to communicate bad news.

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Why did I feel I was suitable for the role?

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Provide an example of when you have shown leadership

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What do you know about/think about Apple?

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How would you begin the process of creating a communication strategy and plan for [project], and what are the main considerations?

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How do you like to work

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Can you give an example where *a certain skill* was used? (x10)

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