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How does a fridge work? If you left a fridge open in a room, would it cool the room?

3 Answers

Depends how big the room is

No. The heat energy extracted from the contents of the fridge is radiated out the back. Additionally, the compression /pumping system will be less than 100% efficient - energy will be lost in the form of heat. Therefore, there is a net output of heat. As the fridge is left open, the warm air mixes with the cool air inside the fridge, and the internal thermostat will detect that more cooling is needed - consequently the fridge will keep running and keep warming up the room.

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If a blast happens in a room what part would bear the most impact?

2 Answers

Why do you want to work for the FOS?

1 Answer

Thank goodness I didnt get that far

1 Answer

Mainly things like communication based skills, working with a team, time keeping etc.

1 Answer

What does CUE mean

1 Answer

Competency based questions: tell us a time when you had a tight deadline and how you overcame that (time management and organisation); tell us a time when you had to make a difficult decision; views on the use of animals in science?

1 Answer

CV based questions included: what is your biggest achievement to date; tell us about your previous work experience; tell us about *so-and-so* module on your course, what did you learn in this module and what lab experiments did you do?

1 Answer

Why transition from academia to industry?

1 Answer

What would you describe as a positive outcome?

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