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What is the probability of you walking out of this room and seeing someone without the average number of legs.

2 Answers

100% Average will be just under 2

so it should be 0% not 100%. )

When have you worked in a bad team and what steps did you take to make it better?

1 Answer

Why investors might be happy/unhappy with a deal

1 Answer

If you had a sizeable sum of money to invest in a company (with a large stake) what would you want to know when deciding whether to invest?

1 Answer

All the standard stuff - why RBS, why banking.

1 Answer

Strengths and Weakness

1 Answer

Why IBD? and what about the life you will have...

1 Answer

Are you conscious of the real challenge that UBS is facing at that time? We will all have to work very hard, are you ready for this?

1 Answer

Why do 50-50 owned joint ventures tend to be problematic?

1 Answer

What are you're views on the Macroeconomic environment and the eurozone debt crisis? What are your views on Greece. If you had to choose one place, any, where would you invest your money right now?

1 Answer
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