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Questions included - why do you want to do this, tell me about yourself, tell me a time you achieved more than was asked, tell me a time you worked with difficult colleagues and how you resolved the situation, tell me how you saw the global financial crisis, tell me how you think the industry and the bank should respond to it, tell me a person you admire and why, tell me what inspires you, do you have any questions for me... also heard of "how many ping pong balls would fit on the deck of the Titanic"... "what was JPM's lowest share price in the last 12M"

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Normal answers.

Questions were not especially difficult in terms of the ones true to investment banking. Typical questions such as walk me through a DCF and describe to me the processes of an LBO. Asked why investment banking, why JP Morgan and why me?

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What is in my opinion the bank's biggest weakness?

If i hire you today what will set you apart from other candidates?

The interview was straightforward and competency based with little emphasis on technical questions.

Key motivations for role, why Scotiabank, usual fit questions

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