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Why didn’t you write a full application with unit tests that would have taken 2 or 3 days and why didn’t you use my current fave architecture that we didn’t tell you we wanted?

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I think we’ll leave it there, goodbye

How much expierience have I had prior to the interview as a software developer in general.

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Implement a solution which involves persistence

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How does memory management works on iOS

Telephone screening: What is my story (experience) Face-to-face interview 1: What level are my technical/engineering/project-working skills at? (and am I aware of my own skills gaps / prepared to learn skills to fill them) Face-to-face interview 2: What are my aspirations? How determined am I? (and do senior management see the same potential in me as other have?)

Giving a circular sorted array Ex: [7,9,3,5,6], write an algorithm that finds the smaller element index.

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What are you looking for in your next role?

How would you connect to the internet to download data

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How would you implement UIView hitTest mehtod?

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