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How would you measure 4 litres of water if you have 3 litre and 5 litre canisters?

7 Answers

1) Pour water in 5 litre container 2) Pour 5 litre container into 3 litre until full. You are left with 2 litre in 5 litre container 3) Empty 3 liter container. Pour 2 litre into 3 litre container 4) Fill 5 litre container until full 5) Pour 1 litre into 3 litre container until full. Left with 4 litres in 5 litre container.

1. fill half of the 3 litre container 2. fill half of the 5 litre container

What is your age

4 Answers

How to avoid deadlocks?

2 Answers

Give an example of a time you gave good customer service.

1 Answer

Regarding my Technologies and framework

1 Answer

Interview steps

1 Answer

Was asked 3/4 times. What would you used to store a collection of unique elements/values.

1 Answer

How do you manage a person who is not showing great interest in working as a team

1 Answer

A slightly bizarre question about finding out the highest floor in a building that you could drop an egg from without it breaking.

1 Answer

What are the methods of Object class?

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