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I did not expect the interviewer (who is now my team leader) to spend so much of the interview talking about hobbies and interests.

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After getting the job and talking with my team leader I now realise this was due to a) being too formal on my part and b) him wanting somebody that fits in to the team.

Was asked 3/4 times. What would you used to store a collection of unique elements/values.

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"Tell us about your dissertation project."

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Brief introduction on company culture and work. Questions on previous experience in web development, previous workplace and employers, related skills to Wordpress development (PHP, JavaScript, JQuery), why I applied for the role.

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Do you know SOLID principles?

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What do you know about method validation of hplc? Talk me through your CV. What do you know about the company?

Calculate the angle between the two clock hands when the time is ...?

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Create a prime number check using JUnit testing, following the TDD principles

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