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Social Media and Digital Analyst Junior Executive was asked...11 September 2020

Roleplaying portion: Attempt to invite media to your event, with the lady as playing the part of the media personnel.

1 Answers

Honestly, you will end up wrong no matter how you do this.


If you have two different routes that both lead from point A to point B and that last on average 25 and 27 mins respectively, which one would you choose?

1 Answers

You should consider also the variance. If asked, the route that lasts on average 25 mins has the highest variance, so is not worth taking. Less

You stated Batman in your “Interest” portion. Who’s the director of the latest film? Who’s the actor of the latest film?

Palladium Digital

How have you come to the decision that you want this role?

McKinsey & Company

Code Pair: Initially on a notepad only one character 'A' is present. You can perform two operations on this notepad for each step: Copy All and Paste. Given a number n. You have to get exactly n 'A' on the notepad by performing the minimum number of steps permitted. Output the minimum number of steps to get n 'A'. Questions on OS, DBMS, Networking were also asked in this round. 1st technical interview had only one programming question which was to write a program to convert string to int. SQL and programming language knowledge was thoroughly tested in this round. Projects were also discussed. Case interview: A case study was given which had to be discussed with the interviewer. Questions on previous experience, team conflicts, etc were also asked. 2nd Technical Round: Projects were thoroughly discussed. Design an online voting system application. HR Round: Typical HR round questions

Motivated Marketing

What is Google Penguin?

Motivated Marketing

What is CPC?

Zimmerman Advertising

Lots of them they just keep asking me to fill out stuff.


Foi me dado um desafio de apresentar um painel sobre como melhorar a captura de leads qualificados de um dos produtos da empresa.

Integrated Media Solutions

None - very behavioral

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