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Digital Marketing Junior Consultant was asked...10 January 2020

Usi l'Iphone? Parlami delle tue esperienze passate

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Checkpoint One Apparel

Tell me a little bit about yourself. And several follow-up questions about the companies I worked for and other volunteer experiences I have.

1 Answers

I discussed a little bit about my studies in Sociology and Commerce, and my previous work experience as a customer success associate at a startup company. I also talked about my volunteer experiences for 2 non-profit organizations as a publishing associate, and a co-director of marketing, and a social media coordinator for another startup company. Less

Checkpoint One Apparel

Tell me about a time when you had to handle workplace conflict/problem and how you resolved it.

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I talked about a time when I worked as a waitress at a Japanese restaurant when a customer was insisting on bringing home a bottle of unfinished alcohol. Under the restaurant policy, I couldn't let him do that, so I had to convince him to either finish the bottle in the restaurant or bring home a new unopened bottle. I described how I used empathy, maintained a professional attitude, and remained calm while the customer was a little intoxicated and was causing a commotion in the restaurant. Less


3 words to describe yourself... LOL this is how they get you

1 Answers

DONT SAY - independent, curious, intelligent, quick to learn, or any thing similar. If you want the job, say you're a team player, eager to understand more about "marketing", easy to work with, willing to work hard...even if that means long hours, and that you'll never want to leave. Good luck! Less


O que você já fez?

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Qual sua melhor característica?

Analyse Digital

Knowledge of Digital Marketing topics and past experiences. Personal questions to analyse language capability of the candidate.

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Accordingly on the questions asked.

Grupo MRV

Quais eram as minhas experiências de trabalho, o que eu já tinha estudado, etc.

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Respondi de acordo com as minhas vivências.

Indus Net Technologies

Are you married or unmarried?

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No,I am not married, because if I am unmarried I will be more dedicated to the company. But, if I am married it will help me to gather knowledge for managing personal and professional life Less

En la dinámica hubo pruebas de relaciones personales, debates políticos para ver tu liderazgo, técnicas en las que tenías en preparas una campaña publicitaria y exponerla, elevator pitch, incluso un infiltrado dentro de los candidatos. Por último, los 5 que llegamos al final pasamos una breve entrevista personal.


General experience in social media, slight focus on analytics and content management programs.

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