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Istuary Innovation Group
Junior Firmware Engineer Coop was asked...19 June 2017

Describe how you work on a team?

1 Answers

If your peers were already here working with us, how would they describe you?

int func(int y) { int result=0; while(y) { y &= y - 1; result++; } return result; } -- what does this function do? --what's another way to write this?

1 Answers

The above function counts the number of ones Alternative way: int function (int y){ result =0; while (y ){ y = y >>1; if (y & 1) result ++; } Less

Schneider Electric

Questions regarding basic Algorithms

1 Answers

Very easy to follow and answer, not specific preparation

Istuary Innovation Group

Basic behavior questions+past projects


Fizz buzz, strdup, power of two (don't do ascending loop as it can overflow w/ INT_MAX), infinite loop caused by Uint decesnding for loop, interpret this macro (tricky order of operations here), strlen, a couple of "correct this code" problems, two_sum. One problem that could have been solved by splitting a string, converting to ints (atoi), and summing. One super simple question regarding the length of a string and just adding +1 to include the null terminator. Asked for my knowledge of using git and working in teams. Asked me about my knowledge of linux. Asked me if I had experience using libraries. Asked me about personal coding projects. Asked if I had done any socket programming / servers and networking. etc etc


Shell scripts, c programming, and terms that I never heard about network.


Questions about arrays and pointers in C

Romeo Power

The interview started with the basic question - Tell me about yourself. As the position was coding related, the interview was mainly focused on C language. He asked about the 'static' keyword in C. The difference between its functionality& usage in C and C++. I answered both the questions correctly, but not to the point, I suppose. Later, he asked about my experience with Modbus protocols and programming, which I had mentioned in my resume as previous experience. Finally he asked if I would like to add anything about myself, my knowledge which would help in assessing me for the position, which I promptly did. I waited for a week for reply from HR and finally called her up to hear a rejection.


Differenza tra variabile globale e locale (scope), nei microcontrollori

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