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Ministry of Textiles
Junior Research Fellow was asked...22 November 2019

Why u want to join for less salary

2 Answers

Because I am interested

I have passed the diploma in textile design. I want to a job in ministry of textile. Less

Indian Agricultural Research Institute

Give a summary of your previous project. Why have you chosen to apply here? What are your future goals? Based on your research experience, they may ask some technical questions.

1 Answers

Explained my previous projects, what techniques I have learnt and my general aptitude for research. Also, indicated that I wish to do PhD in future and applied for the job to explore new areas of science and wish to advance my skills and knowledge. Less

Saha Institute

Diagrammatically describe a mammalian cloning vector

1 Answers

I drew the vector diagram on the blackboard and labeled each significant part of it and then orally described its features Less

Indian Statistical Institute

questions are mainly on combinatorics and advanced data structure.. u can also expect some advance topics of computer science also.

1 Answers

Interview is not difficult and interviewers are very helpful

IIT Roorkee

Tell us about urself

1 Answers

General answer

Indian Institute of Technology Ropar

About my master thesis

1 Answers

About the project they are under working.

IIT Kharagpur

Basics about automata, algorithms, discrete maths

1 Answers

Professors are helpful during the interview process. But you have to keep your basics strong. The professors will try to confuse even if you are going in the correct direction. There is a panel of about 15-20 professors, so anyone can ask from any subject. So better have some knowledge on each one of them & deeper knowledge about the basic subjects like Algo, DS, Computer Org.& Arch, Maths, Automata Less

Defence Research & Development Organisation

For motion of a vehicle, power delivered or torque important, explain?

1 Answers

Torque means force or power generated by a engine if there is 0 torque means there is 0 power or force so for motion of a vehicle torque is important Less


why we should hire you?

1 Answers

As I have working experience in the same field. So, I will definitely be of great help to end this project Successfully. Less

Indian Institute of Science

All question are from your subject only. Depending upon how muc you answer level of question keep on increasing just to check depth of your understanding of subject.

1 Answers

Brush up your fundamentals

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