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ipsr Solutions
Junior Consultant Technical Services was asked...9 October 2014

nothing difficult.

1 Answers

i answered all the questions.!!

Delta Partners

There were three parts: 1. Introduction of the interviewer and the company. 2. Review of my CV. 3. Business cases.

1 Answers

1. I just listened carefully to the information I was provided. 2. I talked about my studies and experience. 3. I tried to solve them following a structured and logical way. Less


Question about Deployment Model of Cloud and their services.

1 Answers

Explained the Deployment model which are Cloud, On-prim, Hybrid, and services like SAAS, PAAS, IAAS. etc about cloud Less


1. what are my coding skills given my previous major

1 Answers

- c++ and assembly language, no experience in object-oriented programming


Why do you want to work in digital marketing? Where do you see yourself in 5 years time upon joining Merkle?

1 Answers

Researched a lot about specifically what Merkle do with their technology in this area, and how I can be able to add value to the company as I grow in my role. Also, past experience was helpful to talk about here. Less

Quick Release

Tell me a little about yourself.

1 Answers

I answered by recapping my experiences in my resume, adding details that weren't there if need be, and tailoring the response so that it was relevant to the highlighted skills required for the job. Less

SAS Institute

Mostly asked about my experience (internship) There were no boiler plate questions - just getting to know how I approach difficult situations.

1 Answers

They tried to bombard me with information - to see at what point I'd start asking questions. I got the impression they wanted to make sure that when I reach my capacity in what I understood, I'd reach out for help. Less


What was one time you went above and beyond for a client?

1 Answers

Discussed experience I went above and beyond.


Which programming languages ​​I have more affinity or used most.


After being at Accenture for a while, do you see yourself going into a managerial position or expertise?

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