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In your opinion, what are the most important aspects of laboratory work?

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Health and safety Data integrity Time management Adherence to published test methods and procedures.

Give an example of an issue you had with a colleague and how you resolved it?

They kept asking if I would be prepared to do the work saying sample come on a conveyor belt. This is so you expect the worse to stop people leaving job early. No real technical questions. Worth researching MLGA, Colliert and Pipetting for water lab jobs.

What does integrity mean to you?

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I can divide up my interview to two parts. First part was really focused the vac scheme and I was questioned on the tasks I completed. What was it? How did i contribute? What did i learn? If I would do anything differently. The second part was more about my application. Why NRF? Why should they pick me? The state of the legal market and the competitive edge that NRF has. The practice areas/ sectors that I am interested in, any particular deal in that sector and its significance for the market.

There was not really any difficult questions or question asked but the interview process might be a lot different as mine was 5yrs ago.

The interview process has totally changed and you are now required to sit a test.

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What interests you about natural products as opposed to modern pharmaceuticals?

Describe one lab technique to me in detail.

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