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Language teachers help students learn a second language. Some teach in classrooms, whereas others interact with students online. In a language teacher interview, you should expect questions about your teaching experience, education and the languages you speak.

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Top Language Teacher Questions & How to Answer

Here are three top languages teacher interview questions and tips on how to answer them:

Question No. 1: Which tools do you use to teach students?

How to answer: This question lets you showcase your teaching skills. You can talk about methods such as showing films or videos in the foreign language, singing songs with students in the language, assigning homework or using visual aids.

Question No. 2: Why did you decide to be a language teacher?

How to answer: With this question, you can convince the interviewer that your goals align with theirs. Talk about why you are passionate about teaching and what events led you to choose a foreign language as a subject. For example, you could discuss your first trip to a foreign country and how much you enjoyed learning a new language.

Question No. 3: How do you keep students motivated and prevent frustration?

How to answer: Learning a new language is difficult and some students could give up without a skilled teacher to motivate them. Talk about how you would focus more on comprehension than grammar or pronunciation. You can also discuss the benefits of giving students attainable tasks and praising them for their progress. If possible, mention a student who excelled and benefited from their new language skills.

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Fairview International School
Language Teacher was asked...8 March 2018

I can see the salary you expected is a bit high. Why do you think you deserve the salary?

6 Answers

Yes I am still working but as part timer now.

I have a good number or years in experience and also bring along with me cooperative learning strategies that can aid learning. Less

I bring with me years of experience and also cooperative learning strategies that can engage a diverse range of learners. Less

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JET Program

Which American holiday would you choose to demonstrate a lesson for Japanese students?

5 Answers

New Years, as it has parallels in their own culture. It could be a good topic for a compare and contrast essay or other writing assignment. Less



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If a student has his or her head on the desk and not paying attention to the teacher, what would you do?

2 Answers

Ensure the student to have comfortable and safe environment while coming into the class Engage the student in more creative and fun filled learning Less

Get his/her attention by starting a group activity.

British Institutes

Where have you taught? Which course books have you used? What ages have you taught? Can you teach me something now?

2 Answers

I don't remember now, but in any case, they're dependent on the experience you have! Less

I have only taught biology and science to my juniors classes , nothing specific.


Why do you want to work in Japan?

2 Answers

Because there is more money in japan than in my country. And japan need us

I gave a nice professional answer about my goals for working for the company.


What would you do if you have a disagreement with the Japanese teacher about a particular issue in the lesson?

2 Answers

Depends on the teachers. The ones I’ve dealt with I tell them to go f**k them self Less

I would explain my side in a polite and respectful manner but support the Japanese teacher’s decision anyway Less


Why do you want to work in japan

2 Answers

I loved the working culture

after the skype interview were you immediately scheduled for the training or did you wait? Less

First Leap

What cities do you have a preference for? Oh, and by the way we have only openings in Beijing.

2 Answers

Just curious what was the name of your recruiter?



They just ask about why do you want to work for Interac and make you do a 60 minute video.

3 Answers

My advice would be to make sure you prepare for the video in advance don't show nerves and be calm. Less

Are you sure it was a 60 minute video? I am currently going through the same process (interview on 2/10/21). But my demo video was to be no more than 7 minutes long. Less

Maybe it was longer I can't remember at the time when I did it I was asked to upload a 60 second video, not 60 hours haha just a simplified self introduction, I messed up the video but I was only allowed 2 attempts at the time I had a really bad experience with the company Less

Örebro Kommun

Do you have a degree?

3 Answers

Yes and stated the degree.

Yes, I have a degree in teaching mathematics and physics (mag.educ.math. et phys.) Less

Yes I have a higher Secondary Certificate

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