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my name

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why you want to work for law firm

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how you see yourself in 5 years time

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Why PSL? What familiarity with PSL? What does your experience bring to team? Why now and why leaving current position? What ideas for future development? Why this firm? This was a very relaxed interview process which lasted about an hour. Both interviewers were direct and easy to address. The questions were straightforward and easy to use to demonstrate experience and skills. Feedback given which was insightful and helpful.

Coming from a technical background, what attracted me to the legal profession?

Many questions about FSMA.

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HR interview was pretty standard easily anticipated questions: why HGF, why this profession, what do you think a patent attorney's main responsibilities are, are you aware how much training and studying is required for qualification, bla bla. 2nd Interview with HR and partners was more technical, questions about my degree and research, asked to explain technical concepts simply as though talking to a layperson, given 2 exercises - one about patentability of various objects in view of prior art, one a written exercise. 3rd interview was pretty pointless. I was just asked similar questions to the HR style questions before like why they should choose me again. Lasted only 10-15 minutes

What was the current oil price?

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