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How would you measure the downtime required to perform this database migration?

2 Answers

The database size would determine the downtime needed to perform the migration.

Multiple factors affect downtime. You should start with planning an approach that minimizes it by taking into account factors like DNS changes, network latency, data rate of change and of course data set size too. Replication and load balancing could be other factors. The more points you mention and consider, the better the answer.

Do you want to go staff or contract?

1 Answer

What is the ratio of managment to coding that You would like to have in this role.

1 Answer

They asked how I would cope in a role where I was doing less coding.

1 Answer

What is a time when you have been responsible for taking an influential technical decision and implementing it? What was the outcome?

1 Answer

Phone screening: Describe delegation pattern, DI pattern - its use and adv.

1 Answer

Give an example of when you have made or notices a mistake, and how did you solve it.

1 Answer

Write pseudocode for a square root computation.

1 Answer

Standard Questions. Exactly one week after the last stage I was informed that they had decided not to fill the senior role I had interviewed for.

1 Answer

Prefer not to share.

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