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Implementation Contact Centre Technical LEad was asked...19 October 2014

Can you wait while we find funding for the position we want to hire you for?

2 Answers

What did they offer, i am in a same spot now, need to know how much they go with? Less


Trident Information Systems

Why do youy want to leave the current job

1 Answers

Just for compensation

Applied Systems

Name a time when you had a disagreement with a coworker and describe how you handled it.

1 Answers

Accounting Product Management Supervisor asked me to attend a meeting with another Design Agile Team because they needed assistance with areas that I was the primary Designer. I attended the meeting to find out they did not know how to design the table changes or the new Action/Tool. They had 3 meetings with this Sypervisor in attendance with no results. I looked at the Supervisor and she turned and ignored my look and pretended to read email as she always does when she cannot assist her team members. I took a deep breath and answered all questions and we designed it together. Less


If I could make PowerPoint slides.

1 Answers

Yes, I’m my 20 or so years of expedience, I have made PowerPoint slides.


Tell me about a time where you had to explain a controversial situation to a group of people. It doesn't have to be controversial as in politics, it might be something that your audience was not expecting.

1 Answers

The idea here should be to evaluate your communication/presentation skills.

SAP Ariba

SQL,SAP Ariba product knowledge,XML,HTML

1 Answers

You get some random SQL questions to answer SAP Ariba products related questions Less


They asked if I was willing to consider a more junior position in order to gain more experience in a larger firm.

1 Answers

I said I was not, and was looking for a position to advance my career.


Why do you want to change the company, Give the proper reason.

1 Answers

Don't say any negative points about your Employer and Manager.


What motivates you?

1 Answers

Why Honeywell?


difference between Oracle and teradata. DBMS questions which are of engineering college level

1 Answers

easy and could answer all

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