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What would you do if your team is under pressure to work in a way that isn't "best practice"? For example, delivering a specific thing in a way that's not "agile"?

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I gave an example where my team was under pressure to deliver to a strict deadline that we didn't fully understand. I explained how I managed the stakeholders to get clarity about the needs behind the deadline, and found a way to balance everyone's needs that gave my team more time. I explained that it's not always possible to deliver in a pure "agile" way, but it's about how much more agility you can achieve, given the constraints. This last point seemed to please the panel.

Questions focussed on relevant experience and they were keen to have these tied back to Lloyds Values

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Tell me about a time when you have had to re-prioritise communications due to scope creep.

Imagine a product you like, tell me how you can improve and why ?

Describe a time when you had to deliver a feature under a tight deadline

What would you do in your first month, quarter, and six months, in the role of Lead Product Manager?

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If a sales manager wants a feature to be delivered immediately which is not in your current product roadmap, how you handle the situation ?

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