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Banco de Sabadell
Intern (Legal Compliance) was asked...3 November 2020

¿Podrías hablar en inglés por favor para ver tu nivel?

1 Answers

Hable en inglés


One of the interviewers asked for my ideas on using technology to authenticate the identity of online customers.

1 Answers

No worries, I had exactly the same story with them. So I spare my time and won't write down the whole story. In a nutshell, I had 4 skype interviews late in the evening. Three interviewers were totally okay. The fourth interviewers was very irritating, he is a French guy and he's English is terribly poor. He has a ridiculous French accent and you can't understand what he tries to say. He wanted to test my History knowledge, which had nothing to do with the job, but it was awkward for him because I told him that this is a job interview and not a 6th grade end-of-school exam, so let's keep it this way and skip not-related subjects. He gave me a hypothetical case, which was the following: imagine you have a blank paper and you have to make a new law on xy. What would you write down on the paper? No further instructions whatsoever. Dear Paymentwall: Recruting is a profession which people are normally trained for, normally at unviersity. It requires certain skills and an awful lot of knowledge. Recruiters, HR managers and experts learn the profession for 4 years or more. You are not trained for this, so please hire someone for conducting interviews, because you make yourself look so ridiculous. Just because e.g. someone has an MBA, or speak 6 languages, doesn't mean that he is also a master of conducting interviews, because it requires dozens of skills and some degree of intelligence. You might think that if you make people stressed with late night inerviews, and irrelevant questions, you succeed because you show how powerful you are, and job-seekers are nobodies, who would be happy to get an offer from you. Most candidates are super well-educated, with numerous Master's and international experience, and you should be happy that these people find you. In the end, you'll be on the loosing end, because people are not dumb, they will notice from these comments how negative a profile you built up for yourself. I passed all my 4 skype interviews, and I was offered an appointment which was not good for me, no matter why. Just because. It is none of your business and it will never be. I didn't ask for another appointment because I only started to intervies to check if all the negative comments are really true. Before my very first interview, of course I read all the comments here, and I found it terrible. So I had no intentions to be hired, but wanted to get the experience, because I learn from every experience that I get. I am actually happt that I never responded to you and that I declined having the final interview with your CEO. And just for the record: you make yourself look ridiculous by saying to the previous person who left a comment that he/she shouldn't have gone for the bbq. Absolutely none of your business. Maybe she went for a funeral, or visited a relative in a hospital, or was very sick but didn't want to say this explicitly, because it is private. But even if it was the case he/she had a bbq, it is super private. No candidates are ever obliged to accept first appointment, you should be flexible too. This is not business-like and professional. And don't educate candiates here in comments, you make yourself look so unprofessional and educating people that they should have cancalled a bbq instead of going for a personal interview is so not cool. Who are you to tell people of this way? Grow up a bit. Less

New Flag

Warum hast du dich beworben?

1 Answers

Mich hat v.a. gereizt, dass es sich wohl um ein junges dynamisches Unternehmen handelt, bei dem der Spaß an der Arbeit nicht zu kurz kommt. Less


In Legal, asked how I keep commercially aware?

1 Answers

FT, Economist, the News, speaking to people in the relevant field.


Wie gehen Sie mit verschiedenen Nationalitäten und daher möglicherweise unterschiedlichen Arbeitsweisen bezogen auf den Arbeitsbeginn um?

1 Answers

Grundsätzlich kein Problem solange Einhaltung Kernarbeitszeit, um Meetings aber auch Austausch im Job sicherstellen zu können. Less

Genworth Australia

Tell me a bit about yourself, how do you deal with stress, etc.

1 Answers

STAR method and personal experiences I was very open to share.


Were you born in the United States?

1 Answers

I would like to not answer that question during a job interview.

Hong Kong Broadband Network

Why pick this department?

1 Answers

There are many new cases concerning telecommunication advertising and marketing. Just talk about my opinion on them and how interesting they are to me. Less

AQR Capital Management

Round 1: Findout Binary Tree length and traversal, Complex LYNQ queries Round 2: How to design system for automatic matching of orders in trade Exchange platforms

1 Answers

Round1: Easy follow basic datas tructures Round2: Keep performace in mind while designing solution Less

Trane Technologies

How do you feel about Oracle.

1 Answers

I'm not sure how the implementation will go ,but I am here for the completion

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