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Legal Interview Questions


legal interview questions shared by candidates

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Someone from Iran contacts you to take down information admitting the Holocaust, what do you do?

1 Answer

Take it down.

There really wasn't any surprise or difficult questions.

1 Answer

What do you know about contract law.

1 Answer

Please tell me about a time where you have dealt with a particularly difficult customer

They arranged telephone interview with HR. Sent 20 mins telling me what a great company it is, and how I would be a great fit. Then ambushed me by saying they would not take things any further unless I agreed my salary there and then. Would not tell me what they were offering, would not give me an hour to research and come back to them with a figure (despite saying there was a great bonus scheme and many other benefits etc, which obviously one would need to consider - no legal dept salary info on Glassdoor). Refused to tell me why they were doing this, and if they thought refusing to negotiate with someone who is applying for a job where negotiation is part of the jobspec is sensible. Absolutely absurd behavioiur

4 Answers

Tell me about yourself. Tell me about a time when you showed good time management skills. Talk about an interesting point of law you studied and why. Tell me about a time you worked as part of a team and what was your role

Could you provide one scenario where you have had to deal with a problem that arose within a work place and explain how you dealt with this?

1 Answer

First and second interview were competency based questions.

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