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Costco Wholesale
Licensed Optician was asked...23 January 2017

Aside from religious considerations, Costco requires open availability for any shift required in the department. Are you able to meet this requirement?

2 Answers



Fraser Optical

Do you plan on staying around?

1 Answers


Kaiser Permanente

Name a difficult time you had at work and how you dealt with it.

1 Answers

Gave an example of an angry patient and how i got her to chill out. It flowed out well. Less


What makes you so strong in sales?

1 Answers

People like me and i know my stuff.

Your Eyes Center

Can you help me save my business

1 Answers

Absolutely, but my expertise isn't cheap


In one word, what makes you unique?

1 Answers

The word is "listen". And I elaborated.

Sam's Club

When dealing with a busy work load and many things done how did you complete your work within your work day without going over.

1 Answers

I delegated my work load.

My Eyelab

What is your biggest asset you bring to the table?

1 Answers

Describe your future goals in life and in a career.

PrimaryOne Health

What sets you apart from other Licensed Opticians. This was asked after I provided the answer above regarding patient care.

1 Answers

I have been in this business for 30+ years. I know in advance I'm not going to get a promotion, a raise or fired. *The truth is there is no way to properly answer this question with out disparaging other opticians. Opticians sell, fit and provide follow up to their patients. If we didn't do this well we wouldn't have a license. Less


Are you interested in being long term here?

1 Answers


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