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Given an array of integers, delete the max and min numbers (both could appear more than once) in place. Do it in O(n) without shifting.

4 Answers

Go through the array twice. In the first run save the min and max, in the second run remove them. Both steps are O(N), so the entire algo is also O(N), it does not matter that the array is walked twice.

1. find max and min in first loop 2. In second loop following if element is min/max = simply increment a counter else a[i-counter] = a[i].

1. find max and min in first loop. 2. In second loop if a[i] is min/max then simply increment a counter else a[i-counter] = a[i].

(considering it's a digital role) What did you think of our store window?

2 Answers

Why do you want to leave academia?

1 Answer

Tell me about a time you dealt with a difficult person

1 Answer

What makes you angry?

1 Answer

Estimate the market size of the mattresses in the UK.

1 Answer

How do you calculate the Total Addressable Market?

1 Answer

Can you prove that you were not in prison since your last role?

1 Answer

imagine an investment bank with 300 terminals that you manage is shutting down 30 terminals and it has nothing to do with technical problems with terminals in their equity trading division. If they have made that decision and you remain with managing 270 terminals how would you deal with that decision as it will be a big disappointment to you as a sales representative/relationship manager?

1 Answer

What was your first job?

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