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Carl's Jr
Shift Leader/Manager was asked...30 March 2020

Why do you want to work here?

2 Answers

I want to learn and grab the knowledge as much as I can at different places and country. Less

Because I want to learn and grab the knowledge at different country, different situation, environment and culture at every country outlet cause the situation wouldn't be the same. It may even the way their handling their situation is not the same. Less


Why would you like to work for Amazon

2 Answers

Amazon is a known world wide and people of all ages can use the website. Amazon is opening up a new kind of retail with fast shipping. This company is booming and offering great opportunity. Everything I have learn moving up the latter prepare me for a growing company like this one. Less

Amazon is always pushing the boundary this is a company that started off as an e-commerce and now also does cloud computing. It's an innovative place and that's where I would like to be. Less

Mark Steel


1 Answers

I want to realize my dream to build an euroupean champion for ENGLAND

Dunkin' Donuts

How well do you work on a team. Tell them about yourself.

1 Answers

I have experience working on a team from previous job positions, amd I am easy going and great under pressure. Less


a question that had me thinking - what is the biggest technical mistake I have made.

1 Answers

I made a mistake on a report which led the company to become bankrupt in 2 weeks. I learned from my mistake and I never made that mistake ever again Less


what would you do if one of your clients gets badly injured - for example breaks their leg during a crazy night out, at about 3am. where are you and what do you do?

1 Answers

stay calm. if you are home in bed (allowed if it's 3am), you can't be out all the time. but you stay calm, ask where they are. immediately go to assess the situation. if you suspect it's a serious injury like a broken leg you obviously call for emergency services - you never treat the client as you are not a doctor - but you should know the emergency contact and be able to solve it. don't move the client, don't give them anything like a painkiller or even water. wait for the emergency services. then accompany them to the hospital taking their paperwork with you - such as insurance information or passport details etc. help the client and be there for them. not forgetting the group in the hotel and your departure in the morning, if this injured client is not able to join you the tour must go on - can't inconvenience 50 people for the sake of one drunken injury. supply details about next destination and ensure client is clear and understands how to follow to rejoin the tour. Less

United Development Group

This was a student property and they asked, "Tell me what you like and dislike about student housing."

1 Answers

I explained that students are awesome. They have a vitality and zest for life that is contagious. The see all the possibilities and nothing is out of reach. That makes the job interesting. The downside is that they're not always into following the rules. Less

Charles Schwab

General principals concerning financial models and their oversight..

1 Answers

Walking them through the various aspects of financial model oversight.


How would you approach your first day? What are your strengths/weaknesses?

1 Answers

With gusto, and eagerness to learn


How to increase your sales and marketing

1 Answers

Just by organising events reaching out to the public

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