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What do you look for when validating a new conference idea?

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Your motivations?

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5 year plan? Why I wanted to role? What could I add in terms of value?

explain how you will make your mark in such a large bank undergoing tough changes

Evaluate the acquisition of a streaming media company by an Investment fund, from the IT, infrastructure and software, evaluating risks and benefits.

the interviews were built around how much $$ I can bring to the venture. Nothing in terms of values or strategic direction (they don't seem to have one, or if they do, they cant articulate it). In fact when I asked about the core values, I received a text-book reply.

Why I wanted to work for them and what I could bring to the table.

Where/How will we get the right talent for our team in India?

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Do you understand our company structure/ products? How would do you manage difficult employees? What are your career aspirations over the next five years?

What is your management style, and how do you adapt it based on the people you are managing?

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