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Managing Director Interview Questions


Managing director interview questions shared by candidates

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Tell me about yourself and how to fit into this role

1 Answer

Be honest and let them see you have a personality. That's important in every role. It's customer facing so you need to be likable. Also show you are fair and firm with good moral work ethic.

Your motivations?

1 Answer

What is your approach to Leadership?

1 Answer

What is your management style, and how do you adapt it based on the people you are managing?

Do you understand our company structure/ products? How would do you manage difficult employees? What are your career aspirations over the next five years?

How can you expect to mentor a staff of 50 people without experience of having worked af WhatIf!??

1 Answer

What do you look for when validating a new conference idea?

1 Answer

the interviews were built around how much $$ I can bring to the venture. Nothing in terms of values or strategic direction (they don't seem to have one, or if they do, they cant articulate it). In fact when I asked about the core values, I received a text-book reply.

where do you see yourself in five years time

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