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Why do you want to work at EDF?

1 Answer

Prep was key as i spoke about EDF's activities

Derivatives, Stochastic Calculus, Basic probability questions

Why this firm? Why this role? a specific CV-related question

Greeks Expensiveness of two ATM options with different Rhos How to convert volatility from annual to daily FX smile and equities' skew, compare and explain Talk about your dissertation

Tell me about a time when you had to work with someone who didn't pull their weight. How did you deal with it?

What campaigns have caught your eye recently and what are their relevance

Why Facebook? The trends in your market etc.

1 Answer

Question 1: How does your past experience make you suitable for BlackRock and for the post you applied to? Question 2: Tell us about something you have been following on the news and how that relates to BlackRock.

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