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What would you do in X situation?

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Sixth interiew was with two other guys this time in PR and marketing, one worked at Twitter previously and again talked about it like it was some huge badge of honour I should respect and bow to. It was awkward. At this point I was talking about my experience with social platforms having previously worked at a company spending £££. They booth looked a little pail. I talked to them about what they were currently doing. They currently throw a few events and spend about £10k a year on marketing - Yes that’s right a company valued at a BILLION dollars spends less than the price of a new car on marketing. It was actually pretty shocking. Their PR involved emailing potential devs to tell them about SpatialOS and using Google surveys to ask people questions. The other big red flag at this point was they had zero games industry experience in the whole team. They didn’t even play games.. They went back to asking questions about experience and how I manage people. Again this felt painful and full of repetition. Seventh interview was with another software guy, this was a very informal interview where I discussed the product and vision, I’m not a dev but it became pretty clear that the whole team was made up of people who sounded really good on paper but didn’t seem to have much gaming experience. No devs from MS, no devs from EA, no devs from Bethesda etc... This whole day so far has taken from around 10am to around 4pm I was shattered and feeling broken. Around a week after the interview HR got in touch and asked my thoughts and feelings, I explained some things that seemed a little off. Lack of games experience, lack of marketing budgets, lack of focus, very junior inexperience team. At this point I was offered a final interview with Herman. I had very mixed emotions, on one hand I felt like I could earn alot of money here and potentially fly through the ranks very quickly. HOWEVER on the other it was clear this company has nothing, but a cool concept and a billionaires son selling a dream with some buzz words to non techy people who like the Matrix movies. When they said that the interview with Herman would be on a SUNDAY..... that was the final red flag and a big warning. I politely declined. After 7 interviews spanning hours, if you need to do an interview on a SUNDAY to know you want me. I’m not in. If you work here expect to get good pay but have to dedicate your life to the cult and drink the kool aid. Expect to work with a whole load of people who have worked at Google, Facebook, Twitter or equivalent and hold it up as some sort of badge of honour. I am pretty convinced there is nothing Improbable has with its 100 devs that an EA, MS, Google, Facebook Bethesda, Ubisoft couldn’t recreate with their 1000s of devs in under a year. How it is being valued and funded is bizarre. The news about Unity is just the top if the iceberg. Less than 1 week after turning down the interview with Herman I saw my strategies being put into place on their social channels and across their communication databases. Probably shouldn’t have left them my deck… Oh well. Good Luck!

What do you think about the present government's education policy

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Tell me about a time you had X

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Why are you the right candidate for the role. Accenture is Interested in you. They are inundated with applications. So the question is focused around your flexibility And your ability to adapt.The interviews are quite tough. You start with telephone interviews and then progress to panel and one-to-one interviews.

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Do you have cyber security experience?

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Why us

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How would you change the website to address different audiences

What experience do you have in leading a content driven community?

Asked to do a presentation on how I would raise awareness, develop thought leadership and support fundraising

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