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What experience do you have in marketing?

10 Answers

Between the age of 14 and 17 I volunteered I’m football and did a lot of social media and posters because I was good at it. This gives me the knowledge to increase your following and better analytics overall. I explained my personality and why I would suit a 8:30 to 4:30 day with events on at the weekend.

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What separates you from other candidates?

6 Answers

Why do you think you would suit this role?

5 Answers

The job involves lots of travel. Can you commit?

4 Answers

Tell us a time you showed good leadership?

4 Answers

How can we better compete against OTA's?

3 Answers

Why did you go to private school?

3 Answers

The usual stuff.

3 Answers

excel question were very detailed and required time!

3 Answers

A product sells for 2£. The CEO asks you how much more he has to sell to have the same gains when he drops the price 10% and wants to up his sales by 5%.

2 Answers
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