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Marketing Interview Questions


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You only have Net Income and Sales, which other financial number you would like to have to evaluate a company? (overall, i found the questions not very difficult)

2 Answers


expenditure. If the company is spending more than it is, its in trouble. Also, those figures are just snapshots. You need graphs of these over time to see if any trends are emerging.

Email invitation to interview said "we would like to discuss your experience and education...", but the interview was basically a motor design and power electronics exam.

3 Answers

Discuss the flaws of Black-Scholes.

2 Answers

Tell me the different ways that you can calculate VaR (Value at Risk).

2 Answers

Why did you leave your last job?

1 Answer

How do you think you'd fit in a fast-paced environment?

1 Answer

asked me my track record

1 Answer

They asked quite a bit about hobbies, marital status, management style - lots of questions to check that the chemistry was right for Reading Room

1 Answer

Why will parents want their children to watch tv?

1 Answer

Who is to blame for the financial crisis?

2 Answers
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