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Air Craft Material Handler was asked...18 July 2016

Why are you here

9 Answers


For job


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Matheson Companies

Are you a hard worker?

3 Answers

say yes and you have the job



Kloeckner Metals

Do you have experience loading trucks with an overhead crane?

3 Answers




MBS Solutions

are you reliable? can you lift up to 70lbs? are able to work with other's and by self? are you willing to tale a urine screen? are you ok with working overtime?

3 Answers

Yes to all questions

I'm available to lift 70+lbs, im able yo work with other's and self. and willing to take a urine screen and yrs to overtime. Less

yes. yes. yes. yes. yes

Unical Aviation

Have you worked on airplanes?

3 Answers

No, I thought this was for a warehouse job that you posted and I applied for.

Stay away from San Bernardino. They expect every position they hire to eventually work on the planes. I agree, not a professional place. This is considerable step down in career as an aircraft technician. Less

The two statements above are absolutely true! They also have no regards for the employees safety while on the job. A complete get it done at any cost type of company. I have seen warehouse workers doing electrical work, welding, and working on planes. Don't work there and don't let your loved ones work there if you value your life because one day someone will die at this company because of their lack of safety!! Less


two forms of identifications

3 Answers

you work either 6am-4pm or 6pm-6am some jobs are from Monday-Thursday others Monday-Friday or wkends Friday-Sunday Less


Monday- Thursday

Marvin Engineering

How do you deal with conflict at work?

2 Answers

Always looks towards the fastest way to diffuse the situation.

In most cases, I handle conflict well. I value diversity and understand that different people have different opinions, which may lead to conflict. When faced with conflict, I work to collaborate with others to resolve the issue in a way that is mutually beneficial for everyone involved. Sometimes, I can become defensive when trying to express my opinion. I am practicing tactics to manage this behavior, such as pausing to take a deep breath and carefully considering my words before responding. Less


Have you every worked in a warehouse?

2 Answers

Yes I have.

I let them know my closest experience was working in the backroom in retail and I was willing to learn. Although, the manager literally told me to my face that I looked "too thin" for the position. At the moment I didn't realize how unprofessional that was. In the description it does say you should be able to lift 50 lbs, and I can lift way over that if needed to be. I understand if it was a moving company, but lifting medium sized box is doable for most adults, including myself. Less

XPO Logistics

Why do you think you would be fit for this job?

2 Answers

I have a 12 years experience in Freight Forwarding line

Knowledge of handling cargo to end to end service

XPO Logistics

Why do you want to work for us.

2 Answers

Looking for a job with a future and benefits and to be able to support my family comfortably. Less

I see a great opportunity towards growth with your company

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