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Tell us how you see the brand growing?

2 Answers

Good advertising and strong marketing in social media is the way forward

We are seeing our brand well and we will continue to work to understand the company as our own

The man I referenced earlier talked through my CV, and asserted we had a 'broadly similar academic background' (we'd both been to the same prestigious university, though he'd attended a well-renowned independent school prior to this, and I'd been state-educated my whole life). He then argued that he'd graduated from said university not really knowing how to work hard, and it was only through his stint at a top-tier consultancy that he'd developed this ability. I'd just graduated at the time and, in light of this, he told me I had 'nothing' on my CV (not true if he'd bothered to actually read it in a little more depth) and, given his own experiences, asked me if I was an 'arrogant little sh*t' at this stage in my professional life, seeing as I was fresh out of university.

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Standard interview questions were given

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What do you do?

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Asked to prepare a presentation based on an old client brief

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May we see a copy of your settlement visa?

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Have you got experience with Instagram?

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What is hootsuit? Is it good?

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What interests you in TikTok, other than the name?

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Name someone you look up to.

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