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If there was a long queue at the desk, phone ringing, and a doctor wanting to speak to you, which order would you prioritise them?

4 Answers

I said I would see to the desk first, ask if I could quickly answer the phone in case of emergency/to put on hold so they'd know they weren't being ignored, and the doctor last.

I would speak to the doctor first, then the patient and then the phone. That way the doctor can go back to seeing patients while I then deal with the person at hand. Person phoning in will call back.

The doctor first

Think of a time where you have dealt with an upset or angry person - how did you diffuse the situation?

2 Answers

Why do you think a person may appear to be frustrated or angry/aggressive?

1 Answer

Tell me what you know about confidentiality.

1 Answer

Why have you applied for this role?

1 Answer

Recall a time where you have organised an event or trip - How do you think this relates to this role?

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Describe a typical day in your current role.

Describe a time you had to deal with a difficult patient?

How would you ensure you maintain confidentiality?

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