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In branch interview consisted of a role play (easier than it seems), interview questions around how you can help members etc and the reasons for policies in the branch. Along with this there was a numeric exercise of giving the right amount of cash withdrawals (how many notes coins etc) - no right or wrong answer as long as you get the right figure, and a drawing exercise where you are back to back describing a photo you have in front of you to a member of staff.

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None of the tasks were overly difficult as long as you have a solid understanding of the company and banking sector. I find most interviews go well when you give them your personality rather than your 2 hours of research you have done around the company 😊

What motivates you at work?

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What does the job you have applied for entail to your understanding

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What will happen if we don't follow rules and regulation

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Tell me about yourself?

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Can you give us a time when you have given good customer experience?

Tell me of a time you went above and beyond for a customer.

The assessment evening was around getting to know you as a possible candidate for the role, meeting the team in branch and showing your personality, a much better alternative to a telephone interview

What do you know about Nationwide as a Building Society.

Why you want to work from home Have you worked role home before Tell us about a time you have had good customer experience

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