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Why do you want to work for Barclays?

1 Answer

I explained my willingness and desire to work in the finance/technology industry as well as admire the work Barclays have done for the community, like charitable work and events like Pride marches.

Can you tell us about a time you’ve recommended a smartphone app to a friend?

1 Answer

Tell me a time where you had to follow strict guidelines. Tell me a time when you listened to group feedback to deal with a work situation

1 Answer

Tell us about a time you received ‘outstanding’ customer service.

1 Answer

Can you give me an example of a time you demonstrated integrity? (Leaving something better than you found it)

1 Answer

Tell us about a time that you’ve demonstrated ‘excellent’ customer service.

1 Answer

Give a scenario where your work "added value" to something

Lots of questions asking in previous jobs how did you show or demonstrate X, Y, Z.

Give a scenario where you had to deal with a difficult customer

Give a scenario where you managed risk.

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