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Hong Kong University of Science
MSC Student In Finance was asked...30 November 2021

Choose an investment topic, and do a presentation

University of Hong Kong

1. Give a positive integer n and decompose it into a combination of 1 and 3. For example, n = 4 and decompose it into 1111, 13 and 31 (recursion).

Koc University

The derivatie circuit in electrical circuits.

Oxford University

A question about signalling biology

University College London

There were 7 questions asking about general course-relevant information, past academic experience and some personal questions.

Imperial College London

What is the most important environmental problem nowadays? Why?

Imperial College London

Discuss the key finding of the paper we sent you.

Imperial College London

What are the challenges businesses face today?

KTH Royal Institute of Technology

There was no interview for the admission


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