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Marketing Manager Interview Questions in Mumbai, India


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Real men drink Scotch. Wine is for women.

3 Answers

Every real man has a pretty woman with him. Her wish is his command and Wine is her wish.

As I never drink but only water. As per my knowledge scotch contain alcohol and wine is for pretty women wine has no alcohol .in party women never lose control she control a real man. While pretty women known wine increase beauty of here looks . Wine colour, smell and taste attracted by women. As women drink wine real men taste the wine as he is here real love. Wine full from is women interest nature element. So pretty women always have wine as a symbol of hight stander profile.

Plz reply

To work in shifts

1 Answer

If i would be able to work according to their conditions.

1 Answer

Tell me about yourself How will you manage the job profile

1 Answer

Q: " We all have liked you Mr. X, but still we have not been able to make up our mind on you, please help us"

1 Answer

Tell me about your self

1 Answer

What was my experience with online marketing activities and How will I promote their new launched product

1 Answer

Work to prove your own worth first...

1 Answer

Tell me about yourself ? What is your career pah so far ?

1 Answer

Tell me about yourself? why this company? Will you be able to work in rolling Shifts?

1 Answer
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