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Sales director Interview Questions in Mumbai, India


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Why do you want to be in sales? What makes you think you are fit for sales job? Why home loans/credit cards?

3 Answers

Sales is a prerequisite for marketing

because I am working with HDB Financial SERVICES Ltd as sales manager in loan department . Actually I have 6 year experience .So i want job with kotak bank

I know that about sales

Whats is your strengths

2 Answers

No questions, only salary, target, no support, then cutitng down the salary

2 Answers

Why do you want to join the company?

2 Answers

why I wanted to learn about sales and marketing. It was not just a few word answer because they went into detail about my future business and professional goals to make sure they matched what they were looking for. They went in depth about finding my motivation and drive for success

1 Answer

This place is extremely unprofessional, I arrived at their office 20 mins before scheduled time and after waiting for 50 mins, went up to the receptionist to check if I'll be interviewed at all.

2 Answers

their HRs have been unstable in their career and raise fingers/ questions about others career without even trying to know the reasons behind it.

2 Answers

What is the reason for job change?

2 Answers

overall work experience, regional areas work experience.

2 Answers

Are you ready to relocoate ?

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